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Whasssup you clowns my name is Emily and I'm a certified PT, group fitness instructor, and creator of emk HIIT

Just over here trying to make working out a little less awful and a lot more FUN. We'll chat, get fit, build butts, etc, but we'll always keep it REAL.

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Instagram: @emkfit
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Twitter: @emkfit

Lighting by Christian Petroski
Instagram: @christian.petroski

PSA. I do not own any copyright to any music. I wanna make workouts fun and accessible. And that includes of course using popular music. I cannot make money off these videos therefore I cannot control any ads. I'll do my best!! Ads may come up, but we won't let that stop us. Every time an ad comes up. HOLD either a squat or a push up until the workouts resume. I DARE YOU. If you would like to support my channel and help keep it going check out my Patreon page! xx

Here is your playlist ALL FROM ONE DIRECTION:
1. "Story of my Life" -One Direction
2. "Kiss You"-One Direction
3. "No Control"-One Direction
4. "Best Song Ever"-One Direction
5. "Drag Me Down"-One Direction
6. "Live While We're Young"-One Direction

Calories that I burnt: 253.

Clip taken from The Office US – I do not own!! I'm sorry it was funny!!!!

Equipment I use from Amazon Canada:
Booty Bands:
Resistance Bands with Handles:
No Handles Resistance Bands:

Weight Rack:

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