Full Kpop Dance Workout Routine ? Sarah’s Favorites Edition!

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-All song and video credits are in the video and the description box-

Hello ? It’s been a while. My last kpop workout video was posted 2 years ago and I left YouTube 1 year ago. I posted on my community tab explaining why, but I don’t think that everyone was able to read it (the post is deleted now). I think we need some joy to get through these times so I hope that this video will aid in that!
I also felt like this a video like this is most suitable for my comeback to YouTube. I am going to start posting videos again, but it will be quite slow since YouTube is a side thing for me.

I realized that my videos are helpful as people still commented and viewed my videos even though I unlisted all of them. I think the community here was supportive and kind and I hope that it can continue, even if I’ve lost a lot of engagement and subscribers when I left YouTube (understandably). I am grateful to those who have stayed, came back, or are new.
I hope with this video, you have a wonderful workout! And have an even better day. πŸ™‚

IMPORTANT* There were issues with uploading this video, even though the individual videos all are not copyrighted. If this video gets deleted, I will try to fix or upload it to the playlist mentioned here:
I will post an update to my community tab so be sure to turn on notifications ?

Instagram: awe.sa | Other Channel: fromsarah

* * * Song and Video Credits * * *
**All exercise videos are recorded and choreographed by me.

β€’ Song: IU – Eight (ft. Suga)
β€’ WINNER – Everyday ( )

Workout Section 1:
β€’ BLACKPINK – As If It’s Your Last ( )
β€’ NCT127 – Cherry Bomb ( )

Break 1:
β€’ Baekhyun – Candy
β€’ Video Credit: xoxo_xoxo | EXO.ch ( )

Workout Section 2:
β€’ KARD – Hola Hola ( )
β€’ SEVENTEEN – Very Nice ( )
β€’ TWICE – TT ( )

Break 2:
β€’ OH MY GIRL – Dolphin
β€’ Video Credit: μˆ μ‚¬λ―Έλ””μ–΄ ( )

Workout Section 3:
β€’ SISTAR – I Like That ( )
β€’ EXO – Kokobop ( )
β€’ RED VELVET – Red Flavor ( )

Ending Stretch/Cool Down:
β€’ Song: Every Single Day – Super Power Girl
β€’ BTS – Spring Day ( )
β€’ Song: IU – Eight (ft. Suga)

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