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Whasssup you clowns my name is Emily and I'm a certified PT, group fitness instructor, and creator of EMKHIIT.

Just over here trying to make working out a little less awful and a lot more FUN. We'll chat, get fit, build butts, etc, but we'll always keep it REAL.

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Instagram: @emkfit
Twitch: emkfit
Twitter: @emkfit

PSA. I do not own any copyright to any music. I wanna make workouts fun and accessible. And that includes of course using popular music. I cannot make money off these videos therefore I cannot control any ads. I'll do my best!! Ads may come up, but we won't let that stop us. Every time an ad comes up. HOLD either a squat or a push up until the workouts resume. I DARE YOU. If you would like to support my channel and help keep it going check out my Patreon page!

DISCLAIMER: Please consult a physician before trying any new kind of physical activity. Not all workouts work for everyone. Always modify moves as you need to make them work for your body and the minute you start to feel any kind of pain (not the good kind) stop the workout and reassess. If at any point you start to feel light headed or dizzy, stop the workout right away. Take care of yourselves clowns! xx

Here is your playlist:
1. (Warm Up): "Alice"-Lady Gaga
2. "SheiBe"-Lady Gaga
3. "Perfect Illusion"-Lady Gaga
4. "MANiCURE"-Lady Gaga
5. "Bad Romance"-Lady Gaga
6. "Born This Way"-Lady Gaga
7. "Stupid Love"-Lady Gaga

Calories that I burnt: 262 (Low key forgot to turn it on for the first song lol)

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